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MK Ultra (AAA)

(5 customer reviews)


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Batch Date: Aug. 12th, 2022

5 reviews for MK Ultra (AAA)

  1. dr3ws1 (verified owner)

    This Do The Job

  2. PEKYNG (verified owner)

    Watch out for your first bowl! This one will let you drowsy high into a paradise of hypnosis. I mean as usual, Great Quality,good smoke & Great High, Thanks DoobSasher.

  3. brendanjoelphotography (verified owner)

    MK is definitely ULTRA. I usually smoke in my office as a dedicated smoking spot, but MK stinks up the entire house! Definitely recommend!

  4. xcody1989 (verified owner)

    Dense buds and smells alright

  5. deena.7450 (verified owner)

    I love this strain!!! **NOT SOMETHING TO SMOKE IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO DO** this nug will put you on the couch and leave you there for the day feeling calm and relaxed 😌

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