Mushy Mushy: Full Dose Capsules

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Ok, so we’re done messing around. Getting ready to take a serious trip?  Mushy’s Full Dose capsules each contain 600mg of Active Psilocybin, for when you want to tune in, turn on and mush out. Whether you’re just looking for a good time or feel like some real deep soul-searching, Mushy recommends setting a clear intention. First-time psychonauts are also advised not to trip solo, particularly when attempting to treat conditions like depression and anxiety. Talk through what you feel with a trusted friend before, during and after your session. Having a journal and/or art supplies to help write and draw what you experience can also be helpful.
  • Packs include 5 Capsules
  • Box includes 10 Packs 
Dosage: 600mg Active Psilocybin Warning: 600mg is above the recommended dosage for a microdose


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