OG Kush (AA)

THC: Low
CBD: Low
Grade: AA
(20 customer reviews)

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Lemon, Pine, Woody

20 reviews for OG Kush (AA)

  1. richard

    Smokes better then the king kush I got here in Toronto!!

  2. George

    The taste is of honey and the buzz is a good balance of body to head. Not the most potent high but a good smooth smoke.

  3. Leonardo

    I found this strain very well goes very well in a bong love the taste and smell off the buds unique and the price is just perfect thnx again !

  4. David

    Smooth smoke. Creeper weed. Starts off with a slight head buzz. The stone moves down your body and completely relaxes you. Seems very Indica with a touch of Sativa. Average ‘street’ type weed.

  5. Henry

    If you like to zone out a bit what others describe as feeling spacey, this is for you. Another person already said that the smoke isn’t harsh on the throat, but it’s worth repeating. Nebula is one of my fave strains.

  6. moonunderwater

    -BROWN BELT BUD & SERVICE- Og Kush! Love this stuff! Nice smooth grape flavor. A now favorite. “The Diesel of Indicas” Very sativa like hi

  7. trialsin420

    OG Kush is an awesome strain… very heavy. I could tell it was working right away just by the feeling in my eyes. Definitely not a discreet strain!! 😉 Perfect for chilling out, pain relief, and sleeping. Discreetly packaged and mailed to my door, love it!

  8. laddertab (verified owner)

    I will definitely order again brings my stress way down?

  9. coreypaul11 (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this tastes, it serves as a good nighttime strain however I also enjoyed it in the morning! Didn’t find it over powering but nice and relaxing with a good amount of ‘head high’ …. if you got 2 gs of it on the street for $20 you wouldn’t be mad but the fact it works out $11 for those same 2gs here … boom

  10. dylanbreault04 (verified owner)

    Very strong bud packs a heavy punch perfect before bedtime put me right to sleep!

  11. Alexander Oostveen (verified owner)

    Definatly is not the OG Kush I’m used to getting, doesn’t have the kush smell or taste at all. But for 5$ a gram it’s not that bad of stuff but definatly not kush

  12. donnie conohan (verified owner)

    Great buzz with a instant head high that flows through,good for day or night.kills stress and anxiety ,highly recommend

  13. gman420 (verified owner)

    Just as I rembered it

  14. Darroch Corey (verified owner)

    Cant beat the price. Its not the best high but its decent for the price of it

  15. Bananadan3585 (verified owner)

    Creeps up and holds on strong. Has a nice smooth flavor when twisted. I made a blade of og oil that came out gold and hit like a brick. I had no troubles getting the chores done and was even able to get through a couple chapters in my novel without getting drowsy. Delicious!

  16. stephengammage (verified owner)

    Excellent earthy and slight peppery smell and taste. Great strong high for night time or not doing much. Stress does not even exist after taking a hit or two of this. Nuts look just like the picture.

  17. haywardk (verified owner)

    I woke up with a exhausting migraine one night. Puking, crying, in terrible pain, my wife got me to smoke a few tokes of this stuff and it numbed my pain enough to put me back to sleep. Definitely a must have on me all the time kind of smoke haha

  18. timwesleyon20 (verified owner)

    You won’t be disapointed????????

  19. Stephanie Weller (verified owner)

    Amazing ????

  20. xcody1989 (verified owner)

    Decent buzz

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