Polynesian Thin Mints (Oso Fuego)

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Polynesian Thin Mints is a balanced hybrid of the potent and mouth-watering Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off BX1 strains. With these famous parents, this strain has a delicious flavour profile with aromas of fruit, conifer, and earth followed by distinctive, sweet, minty cookie dough tastes. The long and angular buds are dense, medium-sized, and a lovely dark green, displaying long orange hairs, and have a full, thick coating of trichomes. Polynesian Thin Mints delivers a slow-building euphoric high, culminating in a relaxed, happy, and hazy bliss that gently melts into the rest of the body. With these balanced effects, Polynesian Thin Mints would be recommended to use for anxiety, headaches, and depression. Flavours/Aromas: Pine, Floral, Sweet, Conifer Effects: Calm, Body-Stone, Soothing, Uplifted Medical Uses: Chronic Stress, Chronic Pain, Depression Straight fire from British Columbia, Oso Fuego have been honing their craft for over a decade. From humble beginnings to high-level artistry, the goal has always been singular – quality, organically grown cannabis at a fair price. Stay lit, friends. Consistent high quality and clean smoke for those who want the best of the best. We are 2nd generation cultivators, retailers and consumers. With decades of industry knowledge and experience, when we say we know quality, we mean we know. From package design to growing facilities and quality assurance, we ensure that every delivery is done to give you one of the best and most enjoyable experiences possible every time. Oso Fuego top-shelf cannabis begins with the technical mastery of our robust genetics and meticulous quality control. This results in the guarantee of one the cleanest smokes on the market. Our gold bear label represents our commitment to our quality, assuring you that each of our products meets our four-A smoke standard. Situated on the west coast of Canada, Oso Fuego is proud to be a cannabis producer and manufacturer in beautiful British Columbia. The natural and lush environment is an amazing place to cultivate a great life and inspires us to bring that same joie-de-vivre to our products.


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