Purple Rhino (AA)

THC: Med
CBD: Low
Grade: AA

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Product Information


Purple Rhino, a well-known near-pure Indica, and the beloved original Mendocino Purps, an Indica-heavy hybrid, were crossed to make this delightful hybrid, itself an Indica-heavy hybrid. The exact ratio of Indica to Sativa is unclear, but THC levels are high in Purple Rhino, reaching 18% in some analyses. On the other hand, CBD levels are very low, far less than 1%, too low to recommend this as a good source of medicine for seizure disorders and other conditions that can be treated with CBD. But the calming high, a mix of both body and cerebral effects, is effective in alleviating anxiety, depression, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and insomnia. Though it’s fine any time of day, Purple Rhino is most effective at night, inducing deep relaxation and strong couch-lock effects. The buds are light green in color, with purple and amber strands and a heavy coat of trichomes. This strain has a sweet, distinctive flavor of berries and citrus, with a similar aroma. Side effects aren’t widely reported, but it’s a safe guess that dry mouth is one of them. Bloodshot eyes and paranoia may also be possible.


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