Scooby Snacks (AAAA)

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Scooby Snacks is an indica dominant hybrid (40% Sativa / 60% Indica) strain created through a cross of the potent Platinum Girl Scout Cookies X Face Off OG strains. The Scooby Snacks high starts with an uplifted euphoric effect felt in the eyes and forehead that offers a substantial mood boost coupled with a sense of calm in both mind and body. This effect will slowly spread throughout the rest of your body with a numbing tingly sensation, leaving you sedated and completely relaxed. As the body high builds, you’ll fall victim to an insane case of the munchies that will have you eating anything within sight (hopefully not dog treats). These effects coupled with a powerful THC level that has been measured as high as 22% make Scooby Snacks ideal for treating patients suffering from depression, chronic stress or anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss. Scooby Snacks buds have round and super dense fluffy purple nugs with dark forest green leaves and sparse orange hairs. This bud has a flavor that’s sweet and earthy with a piney OG Kush overtone. The smell is just as pleasant, with a fresh pine aroma that’s complemented with sweet kush and earth. Indica Dominant Hybrid: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa THC: 22%
Effects Body High, Calming, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing May Relieve Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Appetite Loss, Insomnia Flavors Pine, Skunky, Sweet Aromas Earthy, Kush, Sweet


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