(Dollar Treez) Skywalker Kush – Smalls

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Introducing Skywalker Kush, a Indica strain crafted from the potent genetics of OG Kush and Skywalker. Delight your senses with its herbal, kushy aroma, accented by pungent and spicy undertones. Experience a blissful body high that relaxes your muscles and eases your mind into a state of serenity. Skywalker Kush is your ticket to a tranquil night’s sleep, leaving you feeling content and uplifted. Perfect for those seeking relief from depression, insomnia, and stress, this strain offers a natural remedy to soothe both body and spirit.

Flavours/Aromas: Herbal, Kush, Pungent, Spicy Effects: Body High, Relaxing, Sleepy, Happy Medical Uses: Depression, Insomnia, Stress


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