Trainwreck (AA)

THC: Low
CBD: Low
Grade: AA
(4 customer reviews)

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4 reviews for Trainwreck (AA)

  1. canadianshocker (verified owner)

    Very nice. Very heady. This was the first time my wife and I tried this strain. We were chatting while sharing a bowl, and we looked at each other at the same time and understood we’d just been slapped in the brain. It is a very enjoyable high. I will be adding this to the regular rotation.

  2. opoulin.pt (verified owner)

    This strain is beautiful as much in its botonical caracteristics than its effects. it leaves you feeling focused and vitalized. the quality of this grow is AAA for sure !

  3. Bananadan3585 (verified owner)

    Nice dense buds awaited my eager fingers as I opened my fresh sac. The smell distinct and a bone smoked smooth with a small bite from time to time. By the end I was smashed and the wreck washed over me. Deffinitely glad I got this strain and will do so again.

  4. coreypaul11 (verified owner)

    Years ago…..the first time I was involved with a trainwreck my lungs have never been punched in the face quite the same since…. I didn’t think I was going to come across this monster again, but thanks again Dashman! I love this stuff. It hits hard and keeps hitting… I generally don’t cough at all but this always chokes me up in all the right ways, Great for breakfast lunch and dinner although usually can’t survive all three…

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