Unicorn Hunter Shatter - Green Label (1 Gram) of Doobdasher, CanadaUnicorn Hunter Shatter - Green Label (1 Gram) of Doobdasher, Canada

Unicorn Hunter Shatter – Green Label (1 Gram)

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What is Shatter? Shatter is an extract, which is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s produced using a combination of weed plant materials and solvents. The appearance of shatter weed is typically translucent, though its colouring can range from bright honeylike amber to a darker yellow shade like olive oil. How to store ???? Unicorn Hunter Shatter: Store your shatter in a cool, dark, moisture-free environment. If you are storing for a longer duration, keeping the pack in the fridge is recommended, but deep-freezers should be avoided. Using ????Shatter: Shatters are best consumed by vaping/dabbing using a dab-rig, dab-bong, eVape Pens. Shatters require high temperatures of 450-600 degrees Fahrenheit to fully activate their cannabinoid profiles. Every Pack Contains 1 Gram ????Shatter. ???? Unicorn Hunter Certified is a Vancouver-based cannabis extracts manufacturer. Their expertise is in cannabis extracts and they create Delta-9 grade distilled THC extracts, the full-spectrum CBD, and CBD Isolated concentrates. With the Unicorn Hunter brand, you’re getting a reliable dose of THC without any additives, and is one of the purest cannabis extracts in Canada. Limited ????Strain Options Available: Indica Strains:
  • Grape Ape (Indica Dominant Hybrid)
  • Mango Kush (Indica Dominant Hybrid)
  • 9lb Hammer (Indica Dominant Hybrid)
  • Blueberry (Indica Dominant Hybrid)
Hybrid Strains:
  • Pineapple Chunk (Hybrid)
  • Sour OG (Hybrid)
Sativa Strains:
  • Purple Haze (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

1 review for Unicorn Hunter Shatter – Green Label (1 Gram)

  1. jarretd (verified owner)

    First time trying unicorn hunter green label and it’s good shatter, no complaints at all. It’s more expensive than the house brand, but every single time I’ve bought house brand shatter it’s soft and mushy like a cross between shatter and budder and it’s a pain to work with. This brand is better.

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