Chemo (AA)

THC: Med
CBD: Low
Grade: AA
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Product Information


Chemo, also known more commonly as “UBC Chemo” to cannabis users, is a 100% pure Indica hybrid with unknown genetics that was bred specifically to treat patients going through chemo treatments. This powerful bud offers extremely potent heavy Indica effects characterized by a high level of pain relief in both mind and body. The high is definitely considered to be a creeper – you’ll suddenly be hit with a heavy feeling behind your eyes and in the back of your neck before falling into a complete sedative stupor with potent couch-lock and a strong case of the munchies. Because of these strong effects and its THC level that averages at 18%, Chemo is ideal for treating patients suffering from nausea, depression, insomnia, nightmares, and chronic pain due to chemo, cancer, and other conditions.

5 reviews for Chemo (AA)

  1. jdoexrayvision (verified owner)

    Quite potent in the vape. Makes very powerful edibles/oil/butter extract per gram. Heavy and nicely balanced indica effects. Almost as strong as Pink Kush. Great price too. Keep that up!

  2. El Jefe (verified owner)

    Basicly like UBC CHEMO! Tastes and Smells amazing and is super smooth, high is great as well.

  3. jaymeeneufeld07 (verified owner)

    great taste and high

  4. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    Perfect night time indica except for the insane case if munchies you get. But who doesn’t love to eat!!!

  5. skinmmey (verified owner)

    Great pot and can’t wait to get more

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