Mikro THC Gummies (100mg THC) - Pear of Doobdasher, CanadaMikro THC Gummies (100mg THC) - Pear of Doobdasher, Canada

MIKRO – THC Gummies (100mg THC)

THC: Very High
CBD: Low
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8 reviews for MIKRO – THC Gummies (100mg THC)

  1. sadielou555 (verified owner)

    you get more than your moneys worth and the pear flavour was so delicious. i thought taking one gummy would do next to nothing, until it kicked in and i felt medium high- just from one (though this was after a short tolerance break). i bought 5 different mikro packages and they lasted long and the high was really refreshing and smooth. i would say this is the best kind of edible on doobdasher. i only got to try one of the cherry flavoured gummies because apperently they were so good that my roomate stole all of them lmao. whatever doobdasher uses for their cherry flavouring needs to be publicized- it is so delicious and i’ve never had any better kind of gummy. apple flavour tasted a little bit weird, but they still hit the spot. i didn’t buy cranberry though.

  2. ChrisB12 (verified owner)

    Bought some of the cherry flavour to try them out. Wow. They taste like any other cherry candy, and will kick and aches and pains right out! I ate two and can confirm it’s a great way to end the day!

  3. Danielle Smith (verified owner)

    I am not a smoker anymore. Something changed and now smoking gives me anxiety, but this, this right here… gives me that relaxed lifted feeling and helps combat my own anxiety perfectly. I feel like I can think, but not too much lol. It’s good. I recommend it to those who want to chill out their busy over thinking brains and just relax. Very yummy.

  4. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    These gummies tasted good and you can barely taste any weed. I ate whole bag of 20 gummies and was waiting for a nice ride. Turns out just a mild buzz. No feeling it in my knees. Would not buy these ones again. I tried pure north full spectrum tropical punch and had way better experience. Took 20 x 5mg and had little buzz from mikro and before I took 4 x 15mg of pure north and had great time.

  5. notoxyz (verified owner)

    i really enjoy those edible they are cheap and tasty compared to other edible, the thc flavor isnt that strong with those but with the covid slowing down the shipment I wont recommend any edible for now… especially the chocolate cookies

  6. tyson.brechin (verified owner)

    I’d take 3 of these…slight high and didn’t last long at all… one of the worst edibles I have tried buzz wise… they tasted great

  7. fritz.ramm (verified owner)

    Love these. Nice and mild when I have to be at 100% but need some medication.

  8. Jack Davidson (verified owner)

    My dad and brother in law love these. As two people that are athletic that never got into thc before, i got them these candies as an entry level for them and they both love these! They use them in the evening to relax and to sleep. If you’re a regular smoker or whatever these will likely do very little for you but imo these are the best way to get someone new to try it.

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