Everything You Need To Know About Vaping Weed

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Vapes Of All Shapes And Sizes You’ve probably heard of vaping by this point. The process of vaporizing tobacco and marijuana has been around for years, but has gained serious traction in recent years. Traction that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If you’ve not hopped on the vape-wagon yet, we’re here to help you out. Here is the

What is Vaping?

Vaporizing marijuana is actually simpler than you might have thought. The process involves heating the marijuana plant to a temperature under the burning point of the plant, which is 451° Fahrenheit (approximately 233° Celsius). This has the effect of releasing the THC and CDB, while not completely burning the entire plant. It also produces a thinner smoke, or vapor, that dissipates faster and is significantly less dense than regular smoke. The idea of vaporization is to get the psychoactive and physical effects of the plant without getting the harmful effects of ingesting smoke. Often used as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, vaping lacks the tar and toxin build-up that comes from the inhalation of smoke. Because of this, its easy to see why this trend caught on.

 What Are the Benefits of Vaping?

Full disclosure: the long-term effects of vaping haven’t had time to be fully studied yet, but there are some clear benefits that should definitely be known.
  1. Respiratory Benefits- As we touched on earlier, one of the main health problems associated with smoking anything is the toxin build-up from inhaling the smoke. By not burning the plant, you’re cutting down on many of those toxins, and inhaling more harmless vapor.
  2. Increased Efficiency- Vape companies estimate that using a vape will reduce the amount of weed you use to get high by as much as 30%. This means that you will save money and also smoke more efficiently than ever.
  3. Portability- Vapes are often made pocket-sized and ready for use. All you generally have to do is add your cannabis product, push a button, and inhale. This allows the stoner to get their fix on the go with minimal effort.
  4. Discreetness- The other piece of the puzzle is that vapor smells much less potent than smoke. That means you can casually hit your vape in situations you couldn’t normally smoke. You’ll have to check if the various locations you visit allow vaping, but for those that do, you are free to hit without disturbing your neighbor.

How To Get Started Vaping

Now here’s the important part. If you like what you’ve read so far, it may be time to put it all together. You’re going to want to do research on the best type of vapes for you, but we’ll get down to basics. The biggest distinction between vapes is whether you are vaporizing marijuana concentrates or flower. This often comes down to preference and availability. Here are a few of the differences:


We’ve covered concentrates before, but in terms of vaping there are some interesting facts to keep in mind. Concentrates tend to keep even a lower profile than flower in terms of smell. They also are often more potent by nature, and also very easy to use in the vape. On the negative side, they are often harder to obtain. Additionally, some users report that vaping concentrates is a little less efficient than vaping flower.


Flower is just good old fashioned but. It is incredibly easy to obtain, and only getting more so. You’re also getting the most bang for your buck with the flower. Users tend to report that vaping flower maximizes the efficiency front. On the downside, carrying bud is much less portable than concentrates, and also smells much louder than concentrate.

Other Options

Now that you’ve picked your product, you’ll need to identify your vape type. We’ll leave it up to you to learn more about each specific vape on the market, but there are distinctions you should know. One major choice you’ll have is between table-top and handheld vapes. Table-top vapes such as the Volcano are large and non-portable vapes that are perfect for a vape sesh with a group of friends. They pack a serious punch and can give you a high that lasts for hours. Handheld vapes, as we’ve talked about already, are great for personal and discreet use just about anywhere. If you’re planning on vaping out anywhere in a public setting, you’ll need a handheld device. The final thing you’ll need to think about is convection vs. conduction heating. You make have heard of these processes in cooking before, but the basic idea is that convection heats a whole area at once, while conduction heats a specific part. Convection vapes are usually more efficient because they heat all the weed at once, which allows an even coat. Because conduction vapes heat up a specific area, you’ll need to mix the bud around every once in a while to optimize results. However, this should not discourage you from conduction vapes, as they are not all made the same. One of the most popular conduction vapes on the market, the Pax 2, is generally not reported to have those issues. Also, one last thing to note. Tobacco and marijuana vaping are very different things. This article is not connected to tobacco or synthetic tobacco products, nor does it endorse their use.   And that’s our guide to vaping. If you’re interested in picking up the habit, start looking into the type of vapes that will work best for you, and stop by your local smoke shop or dispensary. There is a whole world of vaping out there for you to explore, and, if you haven’t noticed already, the people in it generally love to fill you in on its benefits. Good luck, and stay wavy!

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