What To Do When You Get Too Stoned

Too Stoned
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Too Stoned On The Subway
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It happens to everybody, at least those who have fun in life. At some point you go over the edge and push the limits of what your body can endure. Yep, we’re talking about getting too stoned. Every stoner has probably experienced it in one form or another. Maybe you took an edible or took a bong rip that was too big. Its only natural when you experiment that one thing or another goes wrong. You may end up freaking out. Panic can set in, and you may feel very uncomfortable and not even able to move. These are all natural symptoms of smoking too much bud. Here are some tips to help you when this happens.

1. Stay Calm

This is the number one most important thing to remember when going through any emergency, not just smoking too much weed. But when you are too stoned, you may start to freak out. Your heart starts racing and your head starts pounding. Some people freak out about their health, some worry about their problems, and some begin reevaluating everything that has ever gone wrong in their life. Fight this, think happy thoughts, and most importantly, remember that its not forever. The high ends and you will be back to normal. Deep breaths, happy thoughts.

2. Water

Hydration is key when you get too high. As a general rule, if you feel like crap, drink more water. Smoking bud can get you dehydrated and that doubles down on all of the symptoms you are experiencing. Add water back into your system. It can help with a headache and lightheadedness. Those are two things that really contribute to a bad high and both are exacerbated by water. For future deterrence, you can make sure to drink water before and after you smoke. Just remember, too stoned, think H2O, or something like that. Whatever you do, just remember to drink some water and take a deep breath, it solves may problems.

3. Distractions

You might have heard the phrase “stuck in your own head before” and that is exactly what often happens when you get too stoned. The social fear and paranoia that may occur from being too stoned takes over, and you enter a negative head space. This is the exact thing that you want to avoid if at all possible. But once you are there, do whatever you can to distract yourself. This can be a bit tricky because if you know that you are trying to distract yourself, then you may be stuck in an endless head loop. But what you should do is put on something you know you will like. A favorite tv show, or even better, a video game. The idea is to pick something that will take up your full attention and lead you away from the intense high that is destroying your head.

4. Relax

This is a little different than staying calm because when you are two stoned you should do the things that normally help you relax. If you like lying in bed, do that. If you like turning on one of your favorite tv shows and chilling, do that. What you need to do is not put further stress on your body. Even if others are planning on going out, just tell them you are too stoned. You don’t want to overextend yourself and make the problem worse.

5. Eat Pepper

This is an ancient remedy that actually works. Chewing black peppercorns can actually help you snap out of your high. When you are too stoned, the pepper can help alleviate the THC symptoms. This is not a cure all for all of your problems, but it definitely can help. Peppercorns have been proven to reduce anxiety and paranoia in a way that has not been fully explained. And no matter what, the placebo effect can often have just as much power as an actual treatment itself.

6. Shower

Another proven help for getting too stoned is to take a nice shower or bath. This accomplishes two things. One, it snaps you out of your anxiety and paranoia and puts you in a different space. Second, it acts as a distraction and a relaxing choice. When you get too stoned, you should seek out your “happy place.” Even if you do not realize it, your happy place is very likely in the shower. Or at least one of them. It is a place of contemplation and clear thinking. Use it to exit your head and restore your sanity.

7. Coffee

Weed can depress you and destroy your mood. This is a big part of how you end up focusing on the negative with no way out. When you drink coffee, you are adding a bit of caffeine back to the system, which could be exactly what you need. Now, be careful not to just double medicate and make things worse. Nothing is worse than being too high and also having your heart pounding from drinking too much coffee. So the trick is to have a cup, and let yourself get perked up a little. Nothing too much, but a little pick me up.   And there you go. Keep it calm, things will not be as bad as they seem when you are too stoned. Everything eventually returns to normal and you should always remember this. Another trick is to know your limits in the future. You don’t need to let it happen again if you choose, so take note of how much you smoked and how much you made it feel. Temper it in the future. And if it doesn’t work out, feel free to return to this list. So, good luck and stay calm!

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