How To Manage Crohn’s And Colitis With Weed

Crohns Disease
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Crohn's in the Stomach
Stomachaches Suck
Life can hit you pretty hard. It does for so many people. Some people get lucky and never get sick their whole lives. That is amazing for them, but today we want to talk about the others. The people who weren’t so lucky in the genetic lottery. Today, we’re going to talk about Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). IBD is a crushing disease that can take you out of the game completely. It makes it hard to do the normal things that you are used to. Getting up and going to word can be a challenge. Travel can be nearly impossible, even when you are in remission. On the worst days, even getting out of bed is like climbing Mount Everest during a hurricane (yes, we know hurricanes can’t reach that high, but imagine if they could). But recent research into the two diseases  commonly grouped into IBD, Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, have shown promising results. One of the best ways to treat this debilitating disease is actually weed. That’s right, you read that correctly, weed will help you manage your Crohn’s or Colitis. You probably know that bud has been used to treat cancer and other diseases for a while, but IBD may be the disease most effectively managed by smoking the good stuff. We’re here to break down what it does and what it means for your Crohn’s or Colitis. Here’s how to manage your Irritable Bowel Disease with weed!

What Is IBD?

Well for starters, scientists don’t know exactly what causes Crohn’s and Colitis. Unlike its sister affliction, IBS, it does not go away and can return at any time. Research indicates that it is likely caused by genetics, but can be triggered for a number of other reasons. What scientists and doctors do know that it is caused by inflammation in the digestive system, often in the intestinal tract. The difference between Crohn’s and Colitis is generally the area in which the inflammation occurs.

Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease

This are the worst part about these diseases. The awful symptoms can absolutely destroy someone’s life and dramatically alter their path going forward. Here is what can happen:
  • Extreme stomach pain
  • Uncontrollable Diarrhea
  • Unstoppable Constipation
  • Bloody Stool
  • High and Crushing Fevers
  • Intense Weight Loss
  • Loss of Appetite
These can manifest in many different ways. While in a “flare up” (a period of active disease) a person can experience almost all of these symptoms. Many people are scared to leave the house and experience fits of extreme pain. Others just waste away, unable to enjoy food and can barely eat at all. Even when the disease is not active, it still can hurt. Often, the need for the bathroom can arise at any moment. Imagine needing to be close to a bathroom at all times for fear of needing to go immediately. Travel is a harrowing experience, and long trips may be out of the question. These are all real fears in the daily life of someone suffering from IBD.

What Can Weed Do?

Research into IBD shows that marijuana can help tremendously. Here is what it can do:
  1. Increase appetite
We mentioned how hard it can be to eat when in intense pain. One thing that helps is weed, which can help facilitate the desire to eat through the discomfort. This can be extremely beneficial when someone is losing significant weight. Just be sure not to eat any of the foods that can increase inflammation such as popcorn and nuts.
  1. Decrease Pain
Another proven benefit of weed is that it helps treat and manage pain. For those wishing to return to their daily lives, this can be incredibly helpful. The mental benefits of being distracted can’t be overstressed, and physically, the pain can decrease too. It is an absolutely incredible phenomenon.
  1. Lower Inflammation
This might be the most incredible part of the effect of weed on IBD. Marijuana is actually show to lower inflammation, which means it actively fights the disease instead of just masking the symptoms. Few other afflictions are so directly impacted by bud in this way. This is why IBD is often the poster child of the medicinal marijuana community. It is directly targeted by weed, and although research is still being done, there are some indications that it promotes serious long-term health.

What Should You Do?

Well, this is the tricky part. You don’t want to be high all the time if you have to be productive. Here are some options:
  • Research is being done into products that don’t include the high, but do include the medicinal effects. Look into CBD products, though you might miss some of the psychoactive effects when treating your disease.
  • Choose a mild strain, and one that can keep you awake, so you avoid the tired laziness that can come from weed. We recommend starting with our Blue Guava, and doing your own research from there.
  • Only smoke when you need it. You don’t have to overdo it 24/7. Instead, maybe just try after work or school or in periods of intense pain. This won’t help so much with the inflammation, but should help with some symptoms.
The key to all of this is, of course, to combine it with other treatments. Still see your doctor about what medications will best help. You will find that there are ways to manage your disease and help you live a completely normal life in no time at all!   There you go, a primer on how you can manage your Crohn’s or Colitis with all-natural and effective weed. In fact, this writer, does the very same with his Crohn’s disease. Sometimes it pays to be a stoner in unexpected ways. Until next time, good luck and stay healthy!

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