Purple Candy (AAA+)Purple Candy (AAA+)

Purple Candy (AAA+)

THC: Low
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA+
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New Batch: Feb. 27th, 2022

Deep physical relaxation is the order of the day with this Indica-dominant hybrid (Sativa/Indica ratio unclear). It’s probably a cross of the Canadian BC Sweet Tooth and the California original Mendocino Purps, both Indica-dominant hybrids. This strain has THC levels that can reach at least 23.5%, while CBD numbers are negligible, much less than 1%. The body-centered high is calming and euphoric, with a boost of happiness. It can also lead to a powerful case of munchies, which makes it great for fighting eating disorders and wasting conditions. Purple Candy can also be used to treat anxiety, depression, fatigue, migraines and other headaches, and insomnia. Use this as a nighttime strain, as it can induce powerful couch-lock. The smoke from this strain tastes of grapes and honey, while the buds smell of grapes, honey, and roses. The bud is a colorful blend of purple, amber, and green, all of it covered by dense, shimmering trichomes. Purple Candy comes with some of the usual side effects: Dry mouth and red eyes are common while headaches, dizziness, and paranoia are less likely.

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27 reviews for Purple Candy (AAA+)

  1. Cody (verified owner)

    Got my order the mail the other day, nice fast shipping! Smells awesome. nice n sweet with a little pungent twist, The nice large buds are awesome!, with beautiful amber hairs, and a nice vibrant purple flowing throughout it. Nicely frosted with crystal. And the potent smoke was amazing!!! It’s Super stankie! Great relaxation medication. Overall was very impressed with purple candy and will definitely be ordering again:). Thanks DoobDasher, For great quality and fast shipping!:)

  2. Jawnathan

    Great bang for the buck chronic. Will be back doobdasher! Also like it how it comes in boxes. Everything’s in mint condition when it arrives

  3. Mike

    This is my second order from doob dasher and the second time they have shorted me. I ordered 5 different strains all in eighth packages and all except one were short. That’s over a gram so far doob dasher has shorted me. Good product but the weight is never what they say it is. Probably the last time I order from here. The more you order the more you get shorted.

  4. Aron.viser

    Couldn’t wait for some lovely purple Candy in the mail! Couldn’t be more please, amazing bud, hit me like a wall and tryed to watch Games of Thrones, but by the time I woke up, I was ready for a solid morning!

  5. Ursuella

    Tried this strain for the first time two weeks ago, kicking it at my buddies house, 1 bowl of it got me buzzed, the second got me smiling/giggling for next 2 hours. Nonstop every time my friends would say something, Had a happy euphoric feeling and good company, Good times i definitely recommend.

  6. bucshott (verified owner)

    Got my package on a Monday because I ordered on a Thursday. But for what came it sure was some stank buds. And weighed a bit over. We smoked it and it had a creeper feel but overall a nice mellow high great for sleep issues or maybe some anxiety issues. But was dank here is a pic I took of one of the hard little nuggets.

  7. iglloo.ushe1

    Partied so hard on Friday when I got my juicy purple candy nuggets and couldn’t start off the weekend any better! Party and drank like crazy, but Sunday was a day I just wanted to relax and pass out on the couch with some purple 🙂

  8. michaelmaxter18

    Purple Candy all day, sharing is caring and my friends wouldn’t stop asking where I got this bud from! No one believed me when I said online hahahah

  9. blindmanabove

    Great dense bud from Central BC that Doobdasher carries, great for fatigue and pain related to MS. Is new to me and now one of my top ten!

  10. jerry.liver

    The Candy Purple I order on Doob at the moment is very good. The buds are beautiful, bright green mixed with deep purple viens and patches. The tips of the buds seem to be the most purple area, generally being completely purple. However, other nugs are bright green and have no purple at all. Each and every bud is completely caked up in trichs, some incomprehensibly frosty at the tops. Overall, it is truly camera friendly and b-e-autiful bud. This shit is DANK! A few fat bong tokes and I am completely gone. A joint passed around with some friends and you are blasted off. This stuff is just really potent. The high begins in the head, and is very euphoric. The first hour of the high is very euphoric and sends good vibes throughout your body, while the high remains in your head. It then moves to your body and is a very relaxing and happy indica body stone, which is very pain relieving as well. Overall, this cannabis is fantastic, and is possibly a couch lock for many. I am a fan of indicas and to me this is a lighter indica, still being very potent, yet not as lazy and sleepy as other heavy indicas. The smell is fucking pungent and is very grapey, fruity, and kushy. The buds are very tight and sizable. I have had this shit for about a week and a half, and its BOMB! Very high quality stuff and the duration is long, about 3 hours. When you see it (if you do), GET YOU HANDS ON IT!! 9.5/10

  11. carpacio_83

    This is the right strain if you want to pleasantly drift into a deep sleep. Nothing negative to say about this.

  12. sandymayer_2

    Nice smelling buds, busts out big. Nice indica body high with mild sativa effects. A good hybrid… My only complaint is that it leaves me incredibly tired, lasting into the next day.

  13. Daryl (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this strain and will order again in the future. Popcorn Buds.

  14. mooresfamily (verified owner)

    Great stuff! ?

  15. BigDaddySmokie (verified owner)

    If you do not buy this for this price then there is no hope for you at all!!!!
    Beautiful for evening use. Puts you right where you want to be after long day.
    I havent had a bad bag ever from the Doob!!!!!!!!!
    Love you guys

  16. MyNameIsJeff (verified owner)

    Very relaxing and tasty weed, wife and I chilled out nicely after vaping this. Will order again when I run out.

  17. Jackkie (verified owner)

    This is an amazing smoke! Gives a nice high but like the description says it is indica dominant and you can tell, I really enjoyed the high was a good overall smoke and quality product! Would order again!

  18. hiles.steve (verified owner)

    If your looking for a nighttime bud to help relax this is the one . Not very potent and not much of a cerebral high . Typical Indica body stone . Not a fan .

  19. stephengammage (verified owner)

    Good for the night as a bedtime smoke to help relax and ease any pains from the day. The buzz absolutely destroys any pain you are having and gives that calm mellow comfortably numb feeling. Makes for a good daytime smoke but if newer it will probably put you to bed. Almost no head high at all just a pure full body indica stone. Another great product worth getting again.

  20. Patrick Summers (verified owner)

    I was on sleeping pills for almost a year Purple Candy has now replaced them. I know i’m still on a drug but the Doctor did not want me on them. He has no problem with my Purple Candy and neither do I. For Me it works better than the prescription drug. d
    Drifting Now, very pleasant.

  21. donnie conohan (verified owner)

    Nice heavy indica, puts you down, love it, have ordered this half a dozen times, never disappointed

  22. Chiefjeffrey (verified owner)

    Double AA weed you get what you pay for. Had some purple in it.

  23. deena.7450 (verified owner)

    A great nug to have after a long day, relaxed my body and mind. Definitely will order again

  24. deena.7450 (verified owner)

    Always so impressed by how fast delivery is!! A great nug to have after a long day, relaxed my body and mind. Definitely will order again

  25. CriticalMass (verified owner)

    This is a lovely product all around. The smell is nice, hits well in a joint or a vape, and achieves desired effect for winding down / bedtime. This one did not give me the munchies.

  26. CriticalMass (verified owner)

    This is a lovely product all around. The smell is nice, hits well in a joint or a vape, and achieves desired effect for winding down / bedtime. This one did not give me the munchies.

  27. thevoice4182 (verified owner)

    great nug, good for the night time and to relax after a hard day

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