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Oscar Can Roll a Mean J
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The joint has been the most infamous way to smoke weed since smoking weed has been a thing. Well, maybe not quite, but pretty close. The point is that any self-respecting stoner should know how to roll a proper j. Now some things aren’t as easy as they seem, and rolling a good joint is no different. The fact is that pretty much everybody who smokes can roll a decent j in some form or another, but there is an art to creating the perfect one. We’re here to break down what you’ll need to get the job done and roll a joint to impress all of you friends.

Step 1: Supplies

They say that a sculptor is nothing without their tools, and the joint roller is no different. You’ll get nowhere without a quality set of implements to guide your quest.  Let’s go through what you need and some of the choices you will need to make.

-The Papers

This is the most variety you’ll have in this whole process. You can choose thin, rice papers, king size, or little guys. There are just a ton of options on the market from your standard white paper to gold-leafed ultra thin. It comes down to preference, so don’t go crazy on your first try. Start with your basic white normal size and go from there.

-The Filter

Another option you’ll have is whether you want to use a filter or not. Most stoners tend to prefer the filter when they roll because it cuts down on Scooby Snacks, the bits of weed that can get into your mouth through an unfiltered joint. We recommend buying some filter tips that are prerolled and ready to go. The other option is to use any thin strip of cardboard. To do this, you’ll just need to rip a thin piece of cardboard such as a business card, and roll it into a tight, malleable log. Hold onto it until later.

-The Bud

This is another aspect that will come down to preference. It depends on how large you plan on making your joint and whether you’d like to mix in tobacco. For the amount, start with something along half a gram and go from there. Its not too hard to re-roll with more if you feel like you didn’t add enough. For tobacco, that is just preference. Adding loose tobacco to a joint is called a spliff. Decide for yourself if you want to roll a spliff or a traditional joint.

Step 2: Preparation

This is an important and often overlooked step. Don’t neglect to go through the basic steps before you roll. The most important thing to do before you start is break up your weed. Under almost any circumstances, you should really grind it, so that it is left loose and evenly broken up. If that isn’t an option, you can carefully pick apart the buds into very small pieces. It can be difficult and annoying, but always necessary. Next, pull out a paper and set aside your filter. If you need to make one yourself, now is the time to do so. Mix your tobacco and weed together if you have decided to make a spliff instead. Once everything is prepared, then you’re finally ready to paint your masterpiece.

Step 3: Slow Your Roll

Now that you’re all ready the time is now. Let’s break it down.
  • Start by folding your paper in half down the long end and creasing it carefully. You will want it to be as even as possible. Many papers come folded already.
  • Evenly distribute your bud down the joint. Its very important that you make it even because otherwise it will be harder to roll and your joint may come out lumpy. If you’ve decided to use a filter, now is the time to slide it in on the end of the paper with no weed between it and the paper. When you’re ready to roll, your j will look something like the image below.
Roll a joint
Credit: Marijuana Games
  • Now you’re ready to roll it up. The key is to go slowly and surely, making sure to fold the top of the paper down evenly as you form your log. Slowly roll the weed part into the paper until it is fully covered and an even log.
  • The next step is to lick the glue strip on the paper to seal the deal. Make sure to do this carefully without making it too wet. After its licked, you will stick it onto the paper and hold for a few seconds.
  • The final step is to pack it down. You have a couple of options. You can use a thin object to poke the loose weed in, or you can shake it down gently by pinching the top. Once that’s done, simply roll the open end of the j into a closed tip, and you’re all set to smoke.
  • Now, its time to test your creation. Light the non-filtered end, and make sure that you form an even ember.
Now you’re ready to be set forth unto the world, armed with the knowledge that you could whip up a j or a spliff anytime or anywhere. The key to this whole process is practice, practice practice. You might not feel great at it from Jay 1, but as you work on it, your skills will grow. Don’t be discouraged. On the other hand, there’s always room for improvement. Even if you get it right on the first time, you should still hone your skills. Try new things like rolling while standing and rolling with different supplies. The prepared stoner is ready to roll anytime with anything. So, good luck and keep rolling!

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