The 5 Best Strains For Being Productive

Being Productive
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Man Being Productive
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The ideas of smoking weed and being productive usually don’t go hand in hand. If you listen to prevailing wisdom or watch too many movies, then you’ll be led to believe that smoking makes you lazy or crazy. They’ll tell you that to become a stoner is to become one of those people who sit on the couch and make dumb comments about the movie they’ve now watched 7 or 8 times. They’ll tell you that your life will now be about your next snack or meal. But we have news for you. You can still do what you need to do and smoke weed. In fact, burning can actually help if you need to be productive. Its all about choosing the right strains. You don’t want to be glued to the couch or lit out of your mind. You want something that increases focus or energy. So, here are the best strains to smoke when you need to be productive.

1. Bruce Banner

To kick off our list, we’ll go ahead and choose a relatively mild strain that is perfect for  a nice buzz while working. No, it won’t turn you into the Hulk. Instead, you’ll be lifted gently to a more creative and happy mood that is perfect for getting down with your daily routine. You’ll like this strain a lot if you have a tough time being energetic at work, but don’t want to clock in blasted. It is absolutely great for morning and daytime use as well as for an extra jolt of creativity. Perfect for showing up to the big meeting at your best.

2. Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Don’t let the name scare you off, ATF is one of the primo strains on the market for a reason. With a pungent, skunky aroma, you can smell the dankness of this strain from a kilometer away. When you smoke it, you’ll experience an extremely euphoric and energetic high that is perfect for working up your creative juices. If you need help getting up and going in the morning, then ATF is the strain for you. You’ll love that you don’t feel drained at the end of the long high, and that you’ll never be glued to the couch. This is the strain for brainstorming sessions and group projects. If you’re looking for that extra spark, look no further than one of the most unique and potent strains on the market, Alaskan Thunder Fuck.

3. Blue Guava

A combination of Guava Kush and Blue Dream, this is a hybrid that is excellent for focus and energy. This relatively new strain has a wonderful, fruity taste and smell that will put you right on the beach. You’ll practically hear the waves as you dig in and get down to getting your shit done. It does have a high THC level, so be careful when getting into Blue Guava, you probably want to take this if you work alone or need to work on a personal project. Also, you won’t be able to skip the coffee because this strain can tend to make some people sleepy. Perfect for, getting some serious work done on the pet project you’ve been putting off for too long.

4. Space Nebula

This is a personal favorite strain that is a cross between Space Cookies and the Nebula strains. It is pretty mild, but excellent for getting focused. Because it is a sativa effect, it tends to give a solid head high that really induces what is often called a dreamy state. Sometimes it can be used for sleep, but it is also great for getting into one of those long-term focused states. If you have a day where you need to hit the books, then this is the strain for you. You’ll feel like time is slowing down as you work and get lost in the act of being productive. Absolutely a great choice for studying for the big exam, or working on that big project. Just make sure you get enough sleep first, so that you don’t fall asleep.

5. Moby Dick

Down in the dumps? Feeling like your work is piling up and there is no end in sight? Well, then this sativa-dominant strain might just be for you. Its the absolute best in uplifting strains that really drags you out of the depression, even if you are kicking and screaming. Don’t settle for feeling bad, do something about it. The euphoric and uplifting effects of Moby Dick are perfect for someone who has lost sight of how to be productive. Maybe you are overwhelmed or just not in the mood. These are perfectly understandable things that happen to everyone. So, if this describes you, its time to light up a joint of some Moby Dick and get back to chasing your white whale. You’ll love how happy it makes you feel and the energy that you might have begun to feel like was lost forever.   And there you have it, the perfect mix of strains to keep productive and happy. Don’ t ever let people tell you that there is no middle ground between functional and completely baked. In fact, there are so many options out there that will help you get your work done better. Keep in mind that all of the strains mentioned here are available on Doobdasher for extremely low prices. So, if you like the sound of these and want to try them out, its only a click away. Also, remember that marijuana does affect different people in different ways, so be careful and be sure to try out your strains in advance. Good luck, and keep on your grind!

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