How to Smoke Weed: A Guide for First-Timers

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How to Properly Smoke Weed

With medicinal marijuana already fully accessible in Canada and recreational marijuana to be fully legal by the summer of 2018, you might be intrigued to soon light up if you’ve never smoked weed before. After all, marijuana highs are enjoyable and relaxing, and although the drug is not completely risk-free, weed is arguably safer than either alcohol or tobacco and it also offers a variety of medical benefits.

DoobDasher has tips for first-time weed smokers to help you learn how to smoke marijuana properly and maximize your enjoyment while doing it.

Tips for How to Smoke Marijuana

Know the Difference Between Indica and Sativa

Although there are hybrid strands and many types of sub-strands, at the end of the day, it all comes back to the two main types of strands: indica and sativa.

Indicas are generally richer in THC, one of the active components in marijuana, while sativas tend to have a higher potency of CBD, the other major active component. Indicas provide a calming and soothing high while sativas give a more energetic boost. As well, indicas tend to increase both your appetite and sex drive, while sativas generally reduce anxiety more acutely.

All that said, because of hybrid strands and the biological diversity of sub-strands, these distinctions are not necessarily black and white. Some indicas will share characteristics typically associated with sativas, and vice-versa.

Choose Your Tool of Consumption

Next, you’ve got to choose how you’re going to smoke marijuana. There’s a variety of options, including joints, vapourizers and pipes.


Joints are a convenient and effective way to smoke marijuana. Learning how to smoke weed from a joint is a multi-step process. What you’ll need is the weed, papers, tips and possibly a grinder.

To roll marijuana properly, you’ll need to grind it down into small pieces. Although a DIY option in a pinch could include hacking it up with a pair of scissors, you’re better off investing in a grinder.

Tips are semi-thick pieces of rectangular paper, which after you roll them into a cylinder, serve as the base of your joint for when you roll and smoke it. A tip will keep weed from falling into your mouth as well as provide stability to the joint. Papers are made from fibres, such as flax or hemp. Place the tip at one end and fill the rest of the paper with grinded marijuana. Roll the joint delicately with your fingers, gently licking the top as a finishing touch to keep it all together.

As with trying anything new for the first time, practice makes perfect. Try watching a video tutorial online, ask a friend for help or practice rolling a small pencil to get the hand motions just right.


Marijuana pipes, also known as bowls, are good for one-hitters or just a few hits among friends.

Learning how to smoke weed from a pipe is simple. To start, place grinded marijuana in the bowl of the pipe. Light the weed with a flame and keep the flame going until the marijuana stays lit on its own. While the weed is lit, breathe in and inhale the smoke.

How to inhale weed properly from a pipe? Near the bowl you’ll find a small hole called a carb. Be sure to cover the carb with your thumb or finger while smoking, letting go as you stop inhaling.

Be sure to clean your pipe regularly to prevent moulding and clogging. Dipping the pipe in alcohol, boiling water or a cleansing solution should do the trick.


At-home vapourizer units or portable vapourizer “pens” use heat to extract the active ingredients from weed, converting them to inhalable vapour. Therefore, vapourizers are ideal for indoor smoking since there’s no smoke to give off that skunky marijuana smell. However, vape hits are less intense than alternative options. You won’t get as high, but vapes will help you not cough when you smoke weed.

If you have a larger, at-home unit, there will either be a mouthpiece connected to the vapourizer with a tube, known as a whip, or a specially designed plastic bag attached to the heating chamber, filled with the vapour by a built-in fan. Vapourizer pens, on the other hand, are intuitive and easy to use, and unlike traditional vapourizers, they are mobile, so they go where you go.

Vapourizers are an ideal way to consume concentrates, since special vapourizer cartridges can be bought and installed for this purpose if your vapourizer isn’t already conducive for such ingredients.

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