The Best Ways To Get High Without Smoking

The Best Ways To Get High Without Smoking
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Sometimes you just want to get high. We get it, the stoners motto is “stay high all the time.” You want to get high, that’s the easy part. But, here comes the hard part. What if you don’t want to smoke it? Do not worry, this is a pretty common problem to have. Maybe you have asthma, or other lung issues. Or you could just not want to smoke anything for the purpose of your lung health. These are all okay of course, don’t let anyone tell you differently. In any case, you probably already know a few ways to get high and not smoke. We’ve even covered some of them before, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive list, this is for you. So, here are the best ways to get high without smoking.

Eating It

This is the one that everyone knows. For good reason, of course. Weed can be concentrated and condensed into certain forms and then eaten in a number of delicious concoctions. For decades, this has always been the go to for non smoking weed consumption. It is relatively easy to make and a delight to consume. Eating weed requires you to condense it into a concentrate, usually butter, then cooking it into whatever food you choose. Traditionally, pastries, especially brownies, are the most popular. However, you will have an incredibly versatile field of options. There are thousands of choices to make a delicious dish with your favorite drug. Check out online cookbooks, or recipes to find one to your liking. Anything can have added weed, but certain things are better than others. Pastries tend to be the best because of their large butter requirements, but prepare to get ripped.

Vaping It

This is the other one that has exploded in popularity in recent years. Vaping is the new it way to get high, and it has a number of positives even aside from not being smoked. Vaping requires you to heat weed to a lower temperature than you would if you were smoking it. When you vape instead of combust, you end up with harmless, but potent vapor instead of smoke. You can purchase a number of different options for vapes. Some use concentrates, while others use flower. Whichever you choose, you’ll then have a number of options about how your weed is heated and how portable your vape is. These all require you to make certain tradeoffs, but one thing you won’t have to compromise on is smoking.

Drinking It

This is where things start to devolved into the weird stuff you might not have tried. If you haven’t seen drinkable marijuana in stores yet, you will soon. As soon as legalization kicks in, whenever that may be, expect the market for drinkable cannabis to explode. Beverage companies have recently invested billions in the drinkable bud market, and that number is only going to go up. Drinkable bud allows you to get the effects of weed quickly and easily, not to mention deliciously. While the jury is still out on their potency, there are positive indications of some strong stuff. Stay tuned on this one.

Swallowing It

Wow, you say, don’t you swallow when you eat? Yes, smartass, you are technically right, but we’re talking about something a little different here. You can now take weed in pill form, no smoke required. What are the benefits, you ask? You can ingest it with a time release when you get high. You can keep it discreet and easy, and you can easily portion it out. Cannabis pills can also be used for medicinal purposes in a much more effective way than just smoke. This is a great choice for someone who wants to get some medicinal effects of marijuana as well as some of the psychoactive effects. It also has the potential to last longer for an all day high. If you end up with some weed pills, be careful and make sure that they are from a reputable source.

Rubbing It On

Slow down there, yes it does sound a little weird, but its not what you think. There are a number of weed lotions and ointments that can be applied to your body for positive effects. We’ll admit, this is a bit misleading because they don’t actually get you high, but they can be used to get many of the positive benefits of weed such as medicinal effects. You can use these to treat pain, itching, discomfort, and more. Its a great way to get your weed fix for the medically minded, and you don’t have to smoke a leaf. Now, weed topicals are an exciting development in the field of cannabis research, although they may not be exactly what you’re looking for. If you don’t need to get high, but do want some of the benefits, this will be your choice. Keep checking out and doing research because this is an ever expanding form of cannabis that is only getting bigger.   So there you have it, there are so many ways that you could get high and not smoke at all. This is a good tool to keep under you belt when you have a cold or if you want to cut down on what you’re putting into your lungs. Take a look at this list and choose whichever works best for you. If you want to find something to get the benefits of weed without some of the drawbacks. You can target what you need in a number of ways that a joint or blunt just can’t do. So however you choose to do it, remember to keep getting high all the time and keep calm cool and collective. In any case, keep going and stay smooth!

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