Crafting The Essential Stash Box

Crafting The Essential Stash Box
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One Stash Box Example
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Sometimes it is the smallest thing that makes the biggest difference. The stash box can be counted in that. You may not think you need such an extravagance. After all, you have maintained well enough without it. But there is a time when a stoner truly commits to their ideals. When they challenge the status quo and look to something greater. During that time, they may seek to better their experience. When that happens, they look to make those minor improvements that will end up making all the difference. The style, the functionality, and the efficiency. These are the factors a stoner may look to increase. When they are ready, they will look to create the ultimate stash box. Here’s how:

What makes a good stash box?

Fine, you say. You’re ready to take it to the next level. To become the person who has the dopest stash box on the block. So what are the necessities? What do you need to include to make your box the box to end all boxes? We can’t tell you that. It may seem like a cop out, but the stash box should be tailored to the needs of the individual. But, before you get all snippy, we can make some recommendations.

1. Inclusion

You’ll want everything you might want to use in your box. Now, of course, you can’t fit a full bong or other tools in your box (unless you think outside the box), but you can try to get the main stuff in it.

2. Organization

Don’t sleep on one of the most important factors in any good storage system. You’ll want to use all the space available to you to create a system of true perfection. The Romans mastered this art, but that doesn’t mean you can improve on it. Work for maximum efficiency and use of space.

3. Style

Look, we won’t pretend that you’re going to get away just making a functional box and all of a sudden become the talk of the town. You need some flash, some pizzaz. Never think that a little bit of the X factor doesn’t go a long way in the hearts and minds of the people.   So those are your three basic guidelines, but its up to you how you choose to interpret and put them into action. So let’s get into what you need to do.

Step 1: Choose Your Box

Now let’s get into the good stuff. You’re ready to start crafting like you’re sophomore in a sorority at a state school in the United States south. But you need to think carefully about what you need for your box to make it the best choice for your needs. Let’s look at what you’ll have to consider.

Portable vs. Stationary

This is perhaps the toughest choice you’ll ever have to face. Think about what you have already and what you need. If you need a place in your home for your weed and accessories other than stuffed in your underwear drawer, than pick one to stay. But if you’re always feeling like you’re taking your bud on the go, choose portable. Of course, you can always just make two. When selecting now you have to think about size. For stationary, think about everything you’ll want to fit in it first. For portable, think of how small a box can still fit the necessities like a lighter, a joint, and a papers. This will directly influence your needs.

Level of Discreetness

Now here’s an important one. If you already chose portable, we’re assuming you need it very discreet. But if you’re keeping it at home, think about if you need to hide it or not. Some people choose hidden shelters like hollowed out books to stow their stash away from prying eyes. Others seek to display it proudly like a badge of honor. Smell is another mitigating factor. Wood is an okay blocker of smell, but if you need something extreme, look for dedicated stash boxes, or coolers with tight insulation.   Now, look at what you have and what you need, to figure out what kind of box you’re ready to buy. When you’re ready, select the one that best suits your needs. Remember, you can always decorate it to your liking as you continue your journey.

Step 2: Craft Your Box

Now, here is the culmination of your hard work and thought. You have your box, so let’s get ready to put it together. Let’s go through what you might want to put in it. It depends on the size of your box and accessories, how much you will be able to fit. here are some of the choices you make wish to use
  • Your weed (duh)
  • A lighter
  • A bowl/bubbler
  • Wicks
  • Papers
  • Filters
  • Your grinder
  • A vape
Now, you may have different choices, but this is certainly a place to start. Think about what you need to be included and what you want to keep together. Let’s put it together. First, think about dividers. A perfect stash box will have carefully diviid up sections for each object placed into it. You can use cardboard, paper, or wood, depending on your effort level. You could also just place your objects in neatly, but its up to you. Finally, add your style. If you’re a glitter person, spread it amply. If you’re a skulls and gloom person, grab some black markers and draw some bats on it or something. The box is your oyster, so create, create, and create some more. Once you’ve completed it, and the glue and ink is dry, its time to place the objects in your box and put it in its proper place. Pat yourself on the back in congratulations of a job well done.   And there you have it, the ultimate in stash technology is now available at your fingertips. Have fun with it. Good luck, and stay stashed!

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