12 Healthy Munchie Options To Save Your NYE Resolution

Hummus The Healthiest Munchie
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Munchies Galore
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A stoner’s priorities go something like this 1. Weed 2. Water 3. Munchies. They are a fact of life for the consummate and casual smoker alike. Scientifically, you are bound to get hungry after smoking some good bud. And, on top of it, food just tastes better if you’ve rolled up first. But here’s the rub, they can also be incredibly unhealthy. Many people crave processed or greasy food regularly, and this is only heightened by the pot. This time of year, you may have made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier or lose weight like millions of other people. That’s hard when you’re hungry all the time and scarfing down Doritos or Poutine like there’s no tomorrow. So, in order to save your resolution, here’s 12 snacks that you can eat without blowing up your calorie count.

1. Hummus

Very few foods have seen their stocks raised as high as hummus has recently. It seems to show up in everything, and for good reason. Gluten free, low calorie, and full of flavor, hummus is just one of those foods that belongs in everything. Made from crushed chick peas and various spices, it has been a stable in the Middle East for thousands of years, and gained serious traction in North America. For healthiest use, you can make your own, and dip with vegetables instead of pita.

2. Popcorn

This is a snack that you might not think of as being particularly healthy. That may be because you’re used to the movie theater popcorn that is soaked in delicious and artery-clogging butter. Regular popcorn doesn’t come with any of that extra sauce and fat. When you cook popcorn on the stove or in the microwave, you can avoid all the nonsense by buying it without butter. For flavor, add some salt or other seasonings such as Old Bay.

3. Cereal

Hang on with this one. Cereal has been the stoner’s delicacy for years. Unfortunately, the choice for most of those stoners has been sugary and unhealthy monstrosities such as Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms. Now, that’s not a knock on those, but you’re not going to be able to eat healthy and also pound down pure sugar. Mix yourself a bowl of skim milk and maybe some Cheerios, or a health cereal like Kashi if you’re more adventurous.

4. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Maybe you’re looking for something more substantial. Luckily, the old standby is here to keep you warm. Though a little higher in the calorie front, it is also packed with protein and can count as a full meal. PB&J is a go to for bodybuilders and other athletes. Use whole wheat bread and more natural jelly to keep the calories down.

5. Oatmeal

Another breakfast option makes the cut. Oatmeal can be quite bland, which is great for eating healthy. Many people use brown sugar to spice it up a little bit, but you should refrain from doing so. Instead, add some fresh or dried fruit, and maybe a little bit of honey if you still need sweetness.

6. Raw Vegetables

Yeah, we know. These can be tough and not particularly appealing. But, by jove, they are insanely healthy. Eat some carrot, celery sticks, or cherry tomatoes. Add some dip if you need to, or sticking to the list, maybe some hummus. They are also very filling, so you don’t have to crazy. Just do it.

7. Nuts

Back to serious snackage, nuts are a superfood. They are full of protein and vitamins and very few calories. Don’t be scared away by their traditional blandness, nuts can be delicious. Grab yourself some spiced almonds or some honey-roasted walnuts for a nice, delicious munchie that keeps the calories down. So, do yourself a favor and grab yourself a mouthful of nuts.

8. Tortilla Chips & Salsa

Here we go, you might not realize this, but tortilla chips aren’t terrible for you. Keep in mind, they’re not as healthy as a carrot stick, but they can often be way more delicious. Grab yourself a nice, low sugar salsa and a bag of chips and dig in.

9. Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Now we’re talking. These fries aren’t traditional french fries. For one, they’re made of sweet potatoes. But the real key is that they’re baked instead of fried. This keeps the oils and the calories down. Of course, it helps that sweet potatoes are one of the trendiest food options on the market as well. Here’s a recipe that’ll have you warm and full without busting the gut.

10. Sushi

Another actual meal that you can use to fill your stomach and not feel too bad about. Sushi is delicious, nutritious, and available everywhere. Now, you still have to be careful. Some sushi, such as tempura rolls or other fried foods, is not actually healthy. Avoid these. Stick to a simple tuna or salmon roll to get all the flavor without any of the riff raff.

11. Grapes

Sorry, back to the basics again. This is a fruit that is just grape (sorry) for you. They are sweet and delicious and full of nutrients. They are also inexpensive, and you can eat a ton of them without feeling guilty. As one grape as munchie advocate put it, “its like an explosion of flavor in your mouth.”

12. Beef Jerky

For the last one, we’re going with an old standby. Be careful with this one because it is a little high in the calorie count. However, it is also full of protein and delicious to snack on. It is also very filling, so you don’t have to eat a ton to satisfy that craving.   And there you go, a whole host of snacks that will help you to avoid the food coma/stupor that munchies are so known for.

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